Choose our marketing tools that suit your online activities best. The tools that you have at your disposal are our innovative SkyBox search module, freely configurable flights deals calendars (based on deals API), and advertising text links. Try them and test which ones will be most efficient for your purposes and bring you more conversions. Remember that the right choice of tools can rocket your earnings significantly.

SkyBox search module

We’ve created a ready-to-implement search engine module SkyBox in a couple of standard sizes. All you have to do is to add a simple JavaScript code with your partner ID to your website code. SkyBox is in RWD technology and it is available in both horizontal and vertical versions and in a couple of color variants.
Depending on what you intend to promote online, you can choose from the following product configurations:

  • flights tickets + hotels
  • flights tickets
  • hotels

You can earn selling tourist products from the moment you put our SkyBox on your website. Our proprietary search technology is available in three different versions. We give you the possibility to choose the one that suits the profile of your online activity best.


Flights calendar based on deals API

Having constant access to our deals API you get current information about over 500 most up-to-date promotional flights. Basing on this data you can create your own flight deals calendar and put it on your website, choosing for example first 10 deals. You can freely filter the data, setting for example one departure airport or a proper currency.

Text links and banners

Text links and promotional banners are basic tools of our partner program. Both banners and links redirect user from you page to eSky page, where he or she can buy any tourist product. For each such transaction you get commission.
Each text link and banner contains your unique partner ID that enables us to count your commission properly. You can use these links as separate text links promoting a given product or link some words you put in a longer text.


Kalendarz okazji

Kalendarz okazji możesz zbudować na swojej stronie korzystając z naszego API okazji. To surowe dane do okazji lotniczych, dzięki którym możesz prezentować na swojej stronie wybrane oferty w dowolny sposób. Rozwiązanie jest proste i efektywne, ponieważ umożliwia prezentację najpopularniejszych kierunków i najlepszych ofert w jasny i czytelny sposób.

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