Flight tickets, hotels, insurance and there is more to come soon! Thanks to our SkyBox search widget for flights and hotels you can promote each of the products separately or earn money on all of them. You are the one who decides which tools to use on your website. You can also put different search modules on different pages of your domain.

Flight tickets

You can place our SkyBox search module on Your website, link to particular flight deals or directly to API deals calendars. Thanks to our API deals you can build and style an independent flights calendar with the best prices.

What do You gain:
– Even up to 80% commission based on the transaction fee
– free of charge implementation
– additional discounts and special offers

– fully responsive SkyBox search form
– links to deals, cheap flights, airlines or destinations
– deals API calendars, filtered on various criteria
– over 860 airlines in the offer
– regular and low cost airlines
– wide range of charter flights


Thanks to SkyBox flight and hotel widget search your users can easily look through and filter over 1 000 000 hotel facilities. It’s worth to adjust hotel promotions to the seasons: displaying holiday destinations in summer and ski mountain resort accommodations in winter.

What do You gain:
– up to 50% commission based on our margin
– free participation in the program
– no reservation fees
– individual promotions

– SkyBox module for hotels & suites
– best hotel accommodations from the biggest hotel providers
– links recommending reservations in best facilities
– search widget of flight+hotel package

Travel insurance

We share with you different variations of travel insurances, such as casualty or lost baggage insurance. Our customers buy this product most often in cross selling with flights.

What do you gain:
– up to 10% commission of the insurance value
– free implementation

– travel insurance with various insurance options
– insurance as an independent product or in cross selling with flights
– low insurance cost
– wide insurance coverage
– high compensation guarantee
– immediate help


Rozwiązanie pakietowe lot+hotel to możliwość zyskania rabatu w wysokości do 30% w stosunku do ceny, którą klient płaci rezerwując niezależnie lot i hotel.

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