There is a growing trend of selling tourist products via Internet. Customers appreciate the possibility of booking tickets, hotels and insurances online due to its convenience, time saving and possibility to easily compare many different offers. If you want your website to provide the highest quality content to your customers and earn commission at the same time, you need a proper technological background and easy tools. We will provide you with all you need to start earning money.

Attractive commission

Our commission system is easy and transparent. You receive monthly commissions for each completed transaction when you reach required minimum commission rate of 150 pln monthly.

The best prices

Due to a number of airlines and hotels providers we cooperate with, we provide our customers an extensive offer in competitive prices.

Quick and easy implementation

We offer you simple implementation of our technical solutions that doesn’t require you to know IT issues.

Free sign up and no service costs

The registration in our partner program is quick and for free. Moreover we take care of the transaction process as well as after-sales service. This means that you don’t have to have your own helpline or perform any administrative or accounting work.

Innovative tools

We offer you tools and systems which have been available only for the e-travel industry leaders so far. You start making money right from the beginning with no additional costs.

The biggest offers base

We provide you with integrated offer of 860 regular and low cost airlines and over 1 000 000 hotels offer from the biggest global providers.

Online reports

We give you access to an online reporting system which allows you to verify your sale results and precisely optimize your campaign so that you get the best out of it.

No unnecessary formalities

You cooperate with us directly. That means you don’t have to sign any agreements with service providers, each booking system or IATA certified offices authorized to issue flight tickets. We provide you all you need in just one convenient form, making the sign in process as quick as possible. And free from any charges as well.


Each time when your user ends up at eSky domain, a cookie file is set in his/her browser. This cookie is valid for 30 days. Its validity is prolonged by another 30 days each time the user enters our website after redirection from your domain.

User support system

We offer all-round issues and problems service, integrated with our Call Center. This guarantees your users to be served even in a situation when the booking process is not completed (e.g. due to the lack of authorization of a credit card).

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