eSky Partners Affiliate Program
Who can participate in our affiliate program?


eSky Partners is an affiliate program for bloggers, influencers engaged in social media activities, tourism-related companies (such as travel agencies, tour operators or travel & tourism websites). It is also for travelling enthusiasts and for everyone who wants to earn money online.
Why should you join us? Here are a few reasons:

– you register for free and without any additional costs

– you can earn on different travel products, earning up to 80% commission rate

– you will use tools available only in eSky Partner Program

– you can get profits irrespective of the subject of the page or blog that you run


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Why is it worth working with us?

Market leader

We are a leader amongst global online travel agencies, being present at over 30 markets and having customers from over 250 countries. We use our own solutions that make our affiliate program 100% gain and zero risk.

High income

We offer you a variety of products and professional advertising tools. They help us increase our income, at the same time helping you reach higher commission rates – even up to 80%.

Innovative tools

We use technological tools (SkyBox quick flight search) and marketing solutions that give our partners a competitive advantage right from the start. More redirected clicks and transactions guaranteed!

Why are we looking for new partners?

A dozen or so years ago travelling on one’s own account by using the internet was a bore. You had to roll up your sleeves to compare flights prices in different sources. Later on you had to put them together and finally pick the most attractive one. If you wanted to additionally book a hotel or a travel insurance – you had to do the same thing again. In 2004 we decided to make the travel planning proces as easy, fast and pleasant as possible. That’s how eSky came into being.
Today we need you to share our technological solutions with others and help people experience travels of their dreams at the best prices possible. Help us inspire others and get profits from each booking they make thanks to you!


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