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The origins of our company are simple - we’ve spotted that the travel solutions offered by the market are unsatisfying and that there is much to be done in the online travel industry. That is why we designed and today we still develop our own search engine platform for online tourist products called eSky Travel Search. This lead us to a commercial success and we’ve entered the world of online tourism industry leaders.

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Poland, the Czech Republic, Brazil, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Peru.

eSky was set up in 2004. The ultimate goal of its creators was to design tools which allow users to book flights and hotels online quickly and without any effort. Today we can say that we’ve achieved this aim. So, when we’ve braced our position on market, we’ve facilitated our tool to other entities. We’ve started to create a wide range of partners relations in which other online businesses can take advantage of our search engine module for flight tickets (regular and low cost airlines), hotels and travel insurances.

We cooperate with the biggest global providers

We cooperate with over 10 hotel providers including Expedia and Our platform integrates their databases and therefore we are able to provide our users with the best hotel prices.

We cooperate with the biggest providers of airline reservation systems

We cooperate with the biggest airline reservation systems providers including Amadeus and Travelport. In our integrated database we gather offers from over 651 regular and low cost airlines.

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